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IDGAD - 3rd hit in 4 years for the legendary Andy Stokes

May 2022, Seattle Washington:

The Legendary Andy Stokes has done it again! Andy and his independent label New 5 Records has another top 30 hit – his third in four years. The latest release ‘I Don’t Give A Damn’ cruised into the top 30 on Billboard and MediaBase R&B charts in May 2022. Both charts have given the song a bullet.

Streaming services are also recognizing this deeply emotional and commanding ballad that showcases the acclaimed singer’s legendary vocal prowess. Hundreds of playlists, and tens of thousands of listeners and viewers, attest to the grown-up sexy feel and powerful message the song delivers and the story the video tells.

In 2018 Andy released his ground-breaking song ‘Best Day Ever’. The first release off of his EP ‘Now’, the song debuted in the top 30 on Billboard and remained there for a remarkable 25 weeks reaching the top 10. A feel-good, upbeat song of love, it is quickly becoming a classic regularly making the top 10 wedding songs on popular streaming platforms and remaining in high rotation on radio across the US and around the world.

‘Years ago, before his tragic passing, Kashif and I were working on a project in LA and he played this song for me. He said you are going to have to be brave to sing it because it is a hard subject. It got me immediately. He told me to take it back to Portland and make it my own. I sat on it for a while—life got in the way—and then I began performing it around town. The audience response was incredible! So when we were looking for a ballad to release I just knew this had to be the one.”

Music lovers around the world agree.



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